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From the official site:

"D-storic’s Izi has been starred in a film as the partner of Korea’s K-pop idol “MBLAQ” Lee Jun.

Izi will be starring from the start of the film and has the role to help Lee Jun during his acting practice.

Even though Izi received wounds like getting her fingers broken, she put every ounce of her energy to be in Director Gi-Duk Kim’s “An Actor is an Actor.”

Please take interest in Izi’s role in this film."


You can buy Izi here:
She costs USD 6000 - a bargain XD

She's beautiful IMO and from a technical point of view, a 177 cm tall BJD is an amazing feat.
Having said that, I would never want a huge doll. They are too much like mannequins, and while I know some people collect them, mannequins don't appeal to me. The point of having a doll to me is that you can play with it. This girl has a doll which is probably already too big for me:



Adele (IpleHouse Tania)
Do you ever feel really shitty and you don't really know why? and you want that feeling to go away but you can't pinpoint the exact cause of it so you can't get rid of it.
I've had a weird week where little annoyances piled up and that may be the reason.

Most of all work has been really stressful, I'm covering for my colleague who's away for 2.5 weeks while my own workload has exploded. I tried to discuss the situation with my boss but as usual he doesn't care. He's also still not approved my Christmas vacation which is really irritating because I need to book ASAP. 

We've recently also got 3 new colleagues, which means giving them training on top of everything else.
Luckily for me I didn't actually train one of them because he ran away after one week lol
Apparently he lied about every single thing on his resume and during the interview too!
After the first day it became obvious that not only could he not do the job, but he also had zero potential to be trained for it.

So there are 2 guys left, One is nice and well, normal.
The other one is an uneducated, bossy, sexist and racist know-it-all.
Actually he's only just started and he's acting like the boss. He's ordering the other new guy around, acting like he's the manager. Of course my useless boss deals with this like he deals with every problem: pretend it's not happening.
I think we're going to have MAJOR issues with this guy. 

For example, I was asked to draw a shortlist of agents I thought should be considered for promotion at the call centre. So I made my list, and it included this guy, let's call him A.
Nobody was asking for the opinion of the new guy on this, but as always he involved himself in the conversation with reasons as to why A was not suitable:
"he's quiet and he keeps to himself" So? being quiet beats being a loud overbearing asshole like you.
Then he said "A is Chinese, you know", as if being Chinese somehow affected his suitability for this job. wtf

In a few days he's managed to also make disgusting jokes about disabled people (another wtf) and women. 
You know the kind of man who makes completely unacceptable jokes about women but if you dare call him out on it you're humourless and sour-faced? Yep, that's him. 
I can't see myself ever being able to have a working relationship with this guy. Luckily for me other people have noticed this too so at least I'm not alone.


Goodbye MegaUpload

Adele (IpleHouse Tania)
Today is a very sad day as I say goodbye to my favourite filesharing site, and with it my number one hobby: watching Japanese films and dramas. These are unlicensed outside Japan and I couldn't buy them if I wanted to. Can't buy them, can't rent them.

Governments and big business are gradually killing the internet by over-controlling it and we are letting them do it like the lemmings that we are. Everything we do online is controlled, watched, monitored. Everything is about making money. 

I know that most of you are a lot younger than me so you won't remember life before the internet.  Everything is different and better:  the way we live, work, meet people, and most importantly access information . People who are housebound have the world at their fingertips. Best of all, knowledge is no longer restricted to academics or wealthy people, it is out there for everyone who wants it and it's free.

Or it was until now. First it was the "content blocked in your country". Then it was "this video is blocked due to a copyright claim by XYZ". And now people are being sued for uploading clips with a copyrighted song in the background.
Will future generations have access to sites like Wikipedia? With the way things are going, I doubt it.
The powers that be want to restrict the free exchange of knowledge, blocking any sites that don't accept their arbitrary rules and forcing ISPs to treat their customers like criminals.

Like I said, a very sad day and it's only going to get worse.



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